Parent Teacher Conference / Safety Week

 Items to bring for Safety Week

路 Swimsuit (under clothes)

路 A Spring outfit that can get wet and possibly ruined (e.g. An old pair of pants, an old shirt,  an old pair of shoes, and a jacket).

路 A plastic bag to take wet clothes home.

路 A dry pair of clothes to wear home.

路 A towel.

During PTC week we would like to invite you to participate in our Safety Portion.  Safety week will consist of some safety stations, including one where the students will be swimming with their 鈥淪pring鈥 clothes on and without goggles. 

This will simulate what it would be like for them to fall into the water, completely dressed and how they should react if this were to occur.  We encourage you to participate because we want your children to be as safe as possible around water.  If you are not interested in this service, please inform your instructor PRIOR to your lesson.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.  Have fun and swim safe!