7C’s swim school has been great to our family! They have taught my 5 and 7 year old girls how to swim! I have been impressed by the teachers/staff knowledge, enthusiasm and great communication. My two daughters learn differently and they use teaching techniques that work for each individual child. We tried other group lessons and made slow progress but before we went to Hawaii we moved to private lessons and in only a few sessions our daughters were confident, swimming, and had turned into little fish! We had a great trip and my girls look forward to swim lessons every week!  ~Susy


These folks rock!!! Patient, knowledgeable, easy going and just good fun! Facility is top notch. Great swim instructors, awesome hours and the prices are more than reasonable. I saw lots of parents there with their children and ALL the children were learning and having a blast. ~ Cameron O.


7 C’s Swim School is FANTASTIC.  My daughter is a pretty shy person who takes quite a bit of time warming up to new people and often new things.  Each time we have encountered a new situation at swimming lessons (whether it was wearing goggles for the first time, having a substitute swim instructor one day or wearing a ponytail in her hair to keep it out of her eyes during class (which she typically refuses to do))….the people at 7C’s (specifically Courtney, Daniel and Tiffany) have always worked with my daughter in a way that was easy and relaxed and they have ultimately helped her get through her obstacles. They understand that all children have different needs and they bend over backwards to meet those needs as effeciently as they can. I can’t say enough good things about 7C’s. We have been there for about 6 months now or so. When we arrived my daughter wouldn’t put her head or face in the water at all.  She now floats on her back and can flip over and swim to the edge of the pool by herself.  7 C’s swim school is a very positive place for kids! ~ Julie W.


We love 7 C’s swim school!  I can’t say enough about our kids’ teachers Daniel and Courtney (also the owners).  My kids LOVE them and they are fantastic teachers who are caring, fun and beyond competent.  I feel they both excel in providing lessons that truly teach and push the kids to learn in a fun and caring way.  We have taken lessons a total of three other places and  none compare to this school.  My kids have both learned so much.  I really value their emphasis on water safety; teaching the kids survival skills before they are competent swimmers. 5+ stars!    ~ Cortney G.

We had our son taking lessons at a local public swimming pool for a year. The many instructors kept holding him back for various reasons. It was a class of 6 boy who were only interested in splashing, and there was very little 1 on 1 time. What a refreshing difference at 7 C’s!! We did the private lessons, and by the end of his first 15min lesson, he was floating. They also teach and test him on real life situations (you fall in the water, show me what you will do to save yourself). It’s a little pricier, but so worth it. Completely worth your time and money.  ~ H.L.  from Yelp

We love this swim school. My 5 year old son started lessons here after being frustrated with group lessons elsewhere. He was really close to swimming on his own but couldn’t quite get there. About 4 lessons with TJ and he had made so much progress. We originally thought we would only pay for lessons until he could swim on his own but now we plan to continue indefinitely. The teachers here are extremely professional and wonderful with kids. We will be starting my second child in lessons here once he turns 3. Well worth the money for private lessons!!  ~ Michelle P. from Yelp