Booking Options

You will have the same lesson day, time and instructor each week at the chosen spot. You will have this spot until we receive a 2 week notice. No need to re-register unless you want to change any aspect of that lesson. – Change between School Year to Summer & Summer to School Year, may involve administrative adjustments.

Billing info:

Lesson Cost: $25.00 per spot.

Monthly amount will vary depending on the number of times your lesson day occurs in the month.

# of lesson day occurrences x $25

We have flexible scheduling for those days that you want to take an additional class or to make up one that you missed. This option is also very accommodating for those that have very busy schedules. Class openings are for that specific day and time only.

Billing info:

Payment: Due at the time of booking.

$25.00 w/ reg fee on file

$28.00 no reg fee on file

This is a way for you to try out a lesson with us. These lessons are scheduled like the Single Class Reservation structured lessons, so whenever we have an opening that works with your schedule. The lesson spot that you choose may or may not be available on-going.

Billing info:

Payment: Due at the time of booking.

Lesson Cost: $28

Annual registration fee renews every 12 months on anniversary date if enrolled.

$35 1st child, $35 2nd child.   3rd+ child on account: no registration fee.