7C's New Scheduling Program
Guide and How To's

PLEASE READ and use the following reference guide to assist you in navigating the new portal.

 For Returning Families: We need to activate your account. Text or Email us


Guide to the New Parent Portal

Login link at bottom of page

Log in

Your username is the Email we have on file.   We have sent you an activation email to get you started.

Home Screen

Here you will see the list of all family members attached to your account.

Click anywhere on a family member’s row and verify information on each one.


Memberships Button


All memberships/registrations purchased prior to 3/1/23 have been moved over and grandfathered in to the new system. Accounts with memberships that expire after 2/28/23 will need to choose a new membership option.

This is the shopping cart for the memberships that we offer.    All current students memberships were transferred over from the previous program and are valid until their expiration date. You will see the expiration date under each child’s details.

Memberships are not required but will reduce lesson price.

 2 Categories: Family or Student 3 Terms: 3 month, 6 month, 12 month

When selecting A FAMILY membership, choose ALL the family members.  It will only be the cost of one. It shows the cost of the membership on each person’s name as if it was just for that person.

Class Scheduling Button

This is the class registration section.  This is where you will book classes for either Series or Session enrollment.

Series: Perpetual ongoing enrollment of weekly sessions

Session: Single day Enrollment.  (Drop-In Session or Makeup Session)

Example:  If you are enrolled in an ongoing class, you are automatically enrolled into the weekly sessions creating a SERIES.

-If you are doing a drop in, you are only enrolling into a single class SESSION occurrence.

Family Member Detail

General Info
Contact Info

Emergency Contact Info

This is where you will be able to confirm or edit all information.   PLEASE UPDATE FINANCIAL INFORMATION ON THE PRIMARY CONTACT DETAILS. You will also see the rollover for the current membership registration and the expiration date.



Finance Info &

How To Update

Update your billing information here.  For family wide payment info we suggest adding the payment info to YOUR account info as the account Primary.

You can save Credit Card or EFT/ACH (Bank draft).  You can have multiple forms of payment which is a NEW Feature!

To update your payment information on any profile: (We suggest Primary Account Holder’s)

1. Click the family member’s name that is the parent/guardian

1. Scroll down to the Finance info and Click the  + NEW button 

2. Fill out the form as you desire. You only need to input the card once per account if you toggle ON these two options.

    • Default toggle will use the the saved payment info for all family account invoices as the default.
  • Share with Account toggle allows card info to be shared with family members invoices. It must be toggled if 1 card for the family is desired.  Not toggled:  If you want different invoices to be paid with different forms of payment. Another form of payment must be added to that students details.
Unpaid monthly invoices will incur $10 late fee after the 15th of the month.  We reserve the right to cancel spots with unpaid balances at any time.

Make-up Class Credits

 To utilize a make-up credit, schedule a drop in class via the Class Registration main menu button.
The credit will apply at checkout.

You will find a log for all make-up credits info here and is family member specific!  Unless the Primary is also a student, they will not show make-ups here on their details.  You will find them under each student details.   Make-up credits are utilized in the payment section when you book a Drop-in class from the Class Registration.



You will see the attendance record of the class sessions here.  

Levels & Skill Assessment


You will see the current obtained skill level and skills for the individual. 


This is where you will see a visual calendar representation of your schedule and control your attendances.  This program refers to each class session as booked or withdrawn. Please see below for recording an absence.

 How To

Record an Absence


Note: Families are still currently not able to withdraw from an ongoing SERIES enrollment directly.  We still require you to fill out the withdrawal form located under the My Profile Button.

Each class attendance can be viewed in the Schedules Calendar section of any family member.

If you are not able to attend a class, you need to withdraw from that SESSION (day). -previously referred to as mark absent.

  1. Navigate to the Schedule Calendar on any profile.
  2. Identify which day you will not attend.
  3. Click the withdraw button on that specific day. (You are only removing yourself from that day!)
  4.  You are done. 
Makeups will be given for any record submitted from 60 days up to 5 hours prior to the class. Please do not record an absence more than the 60 days out, you will not receive a makeup.

Your makeup credit will appear in the Make-up Class section of the client details.